Lifetime Warranty


Taunton iPhone Repair Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all our repairs (excludes consumables such as batteries, these have a 12 month warranty).

So if we fit a Premium screen to your iPhone and 2 years time the screen colours fade without any signs of damage or the touchscreen becomes unresponsive due to a manufacturing fault then we will replace the part free of charge.

This Lifetime warranty does not include physical damage including cracked glass and/or cracked under the glass displays or liquid damage or having any other work done to the iPhone in the meantime. You would need to purchase a separate insurance policy to protect your device from random acts of damage.

When your iPhone is first repaired by us we will send you a receipt with the completed repair details and your details, this receipt MUST be presented to us at the time of a warranty claim.

All iPhone parts we fit are security marked. If you sell / giveaway the iPhone then the lifetime warranty is not passed on.

What we cover:

The original repair, including all parts and labour are covered by our lifetime warranty.
Manufacturing faults in displays are rare and are always uniform/straight. They would be a single hairline crack in the glass or a single vertical line in the display.

What we don’t cover:

Subsequent damage caused by the customer, unfortunately not everyone is as honest as you and claims of breakages overnight whilst on charge and on the bedside cabinet will not be accepted as they simply don’t break that way.

Any non uniform breakages in the display or glass are not covered by us and are a result of misuse of your device.
Damage not relating to the original repair
Damage resulting from misuse including damage to the glass and/or display under the glass.
Damage resulting from any third party repairs
Water damage
Software issues unrelated to the original repair
Loss of data as a result of the repair (please backup up your phone regularly)

Thank you so much for supporting a small local business.